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MPCHS, Layout plan of Multi Gardens Sector, B-17 Scheme / Extended Area Manzar-e-Kohsar Block-C-1.


Nestling against the backdrop of beautiful Margalla Hills, Islamabad is significant not only as the capital of Pakistan but also unique because of its clean environment, biodiversity and urban planning. From housing the country's most important installation to providing a gateway for travel towards the jaw-dropping north, Islamabad has something distinct for everyone.

  • Ideal Location
  • 4 & 5 Luxury Bed Rooms
  • Attached Bathroom with Sonex Sanitary
  • 2 Years Easy Instalments Plan
  • Well Connected 110 Ft Road Network
  • Green Belts and Beautiful Land Scaping
  • Beautiful Parks with Pristine Environment
  • Round the Clock Maintenance Services

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